New Ideas for Menus

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  • 24 Jan 2017
  • webbedgem

East Coast

Ice Cream: Ice cream, frozen novelties.

Dough: Fresh dough; fried and topped with butter, powdered sugar and cinnamon.

Fashion Truck: Boutique on wheels for women’s apparel and accessories.

BBQ: Smoked ribs, burgers, bulldogs, mac ‘n cheese, coleslaw.

Ice Cream II: Homemade ice cream sandwiches.

Fish: Lobster tacos, tilapia tacos, smoked cod, chorizo sliders, fried haddock sandwich, clam chowder, sweet corn.

Grilled Cheese: Chef-inspired grilled cheese sandwiches.

Lobster:  Lobster rolls, lobster mac ‘n cheese, bisque, clam chowder.

Home Cooking: comfort-style cuisine (meatloaf, carnitas pork sandwiches, minestrone soup, garlic roasted vegetables, cookies).

Hot Dogs: Three sizes of hot dogs and 13 condiment varieties.

Clams: Fried Clams

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