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Help us bring food trucks to the streets!

The Food Truck Association of Miami is dedicated to reforming the city’s overly restrictive laws, to ensure that all of the local food trucks have the opportunity to serve our communities and succeed.

But we need your help. If you want to enjoy new, inventive cuisine that food trucks will bring to Miami, please sign up to help us free the food trucks. We hope you’ll get involved!

Cities prohibits food trucks from parking in public parking lots and metered and unmetered parking spaces. The city should be focused on protecting the public’s health and safety—not denying entrepreneurs the opportunity to earn an honest living while denying communities of the many benefits of food trucks.

The law is unconstitutional and just plain wrong. All we want to do is provide creative food and quick service at an affordable price.

Food trucks enhance the quality of life and vibrancy of a city. Restaurants and shop owners benefit from the increased foot traffic food trucks generate. Food trucks also help keep communities safe by serving as “eyes on the street.” They provide entry-level opportunities, allowing entrepreneurs to test ideas and accumulate capital to climb the economic ladder and realize their next opportunity: a brick-and-mortar restaurant. We want Miami to experience all the benefits food trucks have to offer.