3 Important Questions for Starting a Food Truck Business

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  • 24 Jan 2017
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If you’re on this website, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about starting your own food truck business. First of all, congratulations for being a dreamer, for wanting to pursue your own vision and seize your own dream. Ok, now the fluff’s over, let’s get to work.

Even at the very beginning of it all, you probably have an idea of what your concept will be. You probably know what you want to serve and how to serve it, and you’re super excited to start your own food truck business. And that’s great, but let’s get into some of the details of this concept.

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before beginning. These questions may strike you as glaringly obvious, but it’s important that you think through them.

What is my concept?

As I said, you probably already have a pretty good vision for what your food truck will be, but you need to take that rough sketch and turn it into a masterpiece.  So, close your eyes and picture your food truck. What does is look like? What’s on the menu? What do your customers look like? How do you interact with those customers? Is there music playing? What kind of music? How is the food presented? You need to really think about these things and come up with concrete answers to them. So take out a pencil and start drawing your truck as you see it. Write down your menu, and write about what type of ambiance your food truck will have. Write down every detail you can think of regarding your vision for what you want your food truck business to be. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a concrete vision because if you don’t, your vision just gets lost along the way.

Is there room for my concept in the existing market?

If you haven’t already done so, familiarize yourself with the existing food truck community. What types of trucks are in your area? Are there any existing trucks that already have a similar theme as your concept? Now, just because there are one or two food trucks that already make the type of food that you plan on making doesn’t mean you won’t succeed, but first try to assess how those trucks are doing. Visit them at a food truck gathering and see how much business they attract. If they seem to be struggling, you probably want to rethink your concept. If they’re doing well there is probably room for you to enter the market, as long as you offer a unique value proposition that sets you apart.


Now, if there are no existing trucks with a similar food type as yours, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve found a golden ticket. You still should do your research to find out if there is enough interest in what you have to offer. I would recommend going to numerous food truck events and interviewing customers to see if they are interested in your hypothetical food truck. See how your idea is received and get a feel for how many people would be interested in your concept. I know it can seem intimidating to interview random strangers, but it can provide you with some incredibly valuable information, and you can actually have a lot of fun with it too.

Am I passionate about my concept?

This is probably the most important question to ask yourself. Are you passionate about this idea you have? Because no matter how great your strategy is, no matter how big your potential audience is, if you’re not passionate about this, you will struggle to succeed. It’s passion that will push you to work on unique new menu items. It’s passion that will inspire your customers to try your food. And it’s passion that will keep you moving along, even when the going gets hard and you’re exhausted and all you want to do is quit. Without that passion to fuel you, you will quit.

I have so much more to say and so much to share with you but that’s all for this post. If you like what you’ve read today and want to learn more about starting a food truck business, you can subscribe to my posts by entering your email in the subscription box on the right side of the page.

Thanks and Happy Truckin!

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